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Sl. No.FullnameConference IDsort descendingAffiliationTitle of Abstract (Click on the title to read abstract)Mode of PresentationAbstract Category
1Shriharsh TendulkarASI2020_101McGill UniversityProbing the Fast Radio Burst PopulationInvitedPlenary
2Shrutika TiwariASI2020_102Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University RaipurASASSN-16ex : An explosion similar to super-Chandrasekhar mass type Ia supernovaePosterExtragalactic Astronomy
3Minhajur RahamanASI2020_104NCRA-TIFR, PuneLangmuir instability in Pulsar PlasmaPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
4Aaqib ManzoorASI2020_106University of Kashmir Constraining Blazar Energetics through Very High Energy Gamma-ray observationsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
5Deepak ASI2020_107Indian Institute of AstrophysicsEvolution of lithium in the Milky WayPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
6Gautam SaikiaASI2020_110Indian Institue of ScienceStudy of dust characteristics in the Milky Way and nearby galaxiesOralThesis
7Hirdesh KumarASI2020_115Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory, Udaipur 313001, IndiaCan magnetic-jerk accompanying major solar flares excite seismic emission in sunspots?PosterSun and the Solar System
8Nour DerghamASI2020_116Ph.D scholarMultiwavelength Correlation study of few tens of Type 1 AGNsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
9Arun RoyASI2020_118CHRIST (Deemed to be University), BangalorePAH emission in Herbig Ae/Be Stars: A Spitzer viewOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
10Aditi VijayanASI2020_119RRIKinematic & Mutliwavelength Signature of Interacting OutflowsOralExtragalactic Astronomy
11Akhil Krishna RASI2020_122CHRIST (Deemed to be University), BangaloreUV upturn in Virgo cluster early-type galaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
12Bhaswati BhattacharyyaASI2020_127NCRAChallenges in neutron star laboratoriesInvitedPlenary
13Ujjwal KrishnanASI2020_128CHRIST (Deemed to be University), BangaloreIs star formation different in low and high density galaxy environments?OralExtragalactic Astronomy
14Sanjay KudaleASI2020_129National Centre for Radio AstrophysicsStudy of eclipses for Redback pulsar J1227-4853OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
15MALU SASI2020_131Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, HyderabadAstroSat observations of a neutron star Z source GX 17+2PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
16Ranita JanaASI2020_132Raman Research InstituteEffect of cosmic rays on galactic outflows: how galaxy mass and star formation rate matterPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
17Sharmila RaniASI2020_134SRF, IIAStudy of UV bright stellar populations in Galactic Globular Cluster NGC 1261PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
18Kshitija KelkarASI2020_136Raman Research InsitutePassive spirals and shock-induced star formation in merging cluster Abell 3376OralExtragalactic Astronomy
19Sheeraz KhandayASI2020_140University of KashmirMorphological Study and Mass Distribution in Six Nearby Abell clustersPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
20Sneha Prakash MudambiASI2020_141CHRIST (Deemed to be University), BengaluruSpectro-timing properties of MAXI J1820+070 during rising phase of its outburst using AstroSatOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
21Prasanna DeshmukhASI2020_142Indian Institute of AstrophysicsPrototyping of Soft Actuators for Thirty Meter Telescope in India.PosterInstrumentation and Techniques
22Narendra Nath PatraASI2020_143Raman Research InstituteDetection of a slow HI bar in the dwarf irregular galaxy DDO 168OralExtragalactic Astronomy
23Swarali PatilASI2020_144IISER Thiruvananthapuram, PRL AhmedabadUnveiling distance and evolutionary status of six galactic embedded star clusters with GAIAPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
24Janakee RasteASI2020_145Tata Institute of Fundamental ResearchAnalytical Formalism to Study the 21 cm Signal from Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of ReionizationOralThesis
25Anjasha GangopadhyayASI2020_148Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES (ARIES), Manora Peak, Nainital, IndiaFlash ionization signatures in the Type Ibn supernova SN~2019uoPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
26Arpita ChoudharyASI2020_149Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.Possible profile mode changes in the millisecond pulsar J2124-3358OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
27Anandmayee TejASI2020_150Indian Institute of Space Science and TechnologyExoWorlds - An OverviewInvitedSpecial Session
28ANKUR GHOSHASI2020_151SRF, ARIESSearch for magnetar emission from very late time radio observations of short Gamma- Ray Bursts.OralExtragalactic Astronomy
29Neal ThomasASI2020_156CHRIST (Deemed to be University)AstroSat’s view of the neutron star low mass X-ray binary GX 340+0PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
30Sadhana SinghASI2020_158ARIESOptical Polarization Study in the Cluster NGC 1817PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
31Jithesh VASI2020_159IUCAA, PuneAstroSat View of the new Galactic X-Ray Transient Swift J1658.2-4242PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
32HARIKRISHNA SRIPADAASI2020_160Dept. of Astronomy, Osmania UniversityVertical oscillations of the radiation dominated inner accretion disk region and its implication on QPOs.PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
34Navin Chandra JoshiASI2020_162Udaipur Solar ObservatoryA complex eruptive circular–cum–parallel ribbon flare triggered by the Successive stages of flux rope eruptionOralSun and the Solar System
35RAHUL GUPTAASI2020_165ARIES NainitalProgenitor and environment of complete sample of Ultra-long Gamma Rays BurstsOralExtragalactic Astronomy
36SUDIP MANDALASI2020_170Max Planck Institue for Solar System ResearchMulti-wavelength study of waves and Solar atmospheric magneto-seismologyOralThesis
37Sriram KandulapatiASI2020_173Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, HyderabadConstraining the coronal height and readjustment velocities using lags obtained from RXTE and NuStar observations of Z source GXPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
38Sudhanshu BarwayASI2020_175Indian Institute of Astrophysics IIA proposal submission and management system (IPS) PosterInstrumentation and Techniques
39Kuntal MisraASI2020_179ARIES NainitalThe low frequency afterglow of the MAGIC burst GRB 190114COralExtragalactic Astronomy
40Nevil ShahASI2020_181IISER MohaliA multi-wavelength view of the open cluster NGC 2527: Discovery of active starsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
41Akant VatsASI2020_182Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Interstellar fullerenes and hydrogenated derivativesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
42Satyam SrivastavASI2020_183Banaras Hindu University, VaranasiInterstellar branched-chain moleculesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
43Swagat DasASI2020_185Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) TirupatiUnlocking the star-formation properties of Galactic star-forming regions: A multiwavelength approachPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
44Rakesh PandeyASI2020_187ARIESStellar cores in the Sh 2-305 H II regionOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
45Bhargav VaidyaASI2020_188IIT IndoreDissecting AGN jets through simulations in the era of multi-messenger AstronomyInvitedPlenary
46Naval Kishor BhadariASI2020_189Physical Research LaboratoryFILAMENT WITH END-DOMINATED COLLAPSE IN THE MONOCEROS R1 COMPLEXOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
47Neelam PanwarASI2020_190ARIES, NainitalStellar and substellar mass objects in nearby clustersOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
48Akash GargASI2020_193Jamia Millia IslamiaModelling the energy dependent temporal behavior in Black hole X-ray binaries.PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
49Saumya GuptaASI2020_194Indian Institute of Science Education and Reseach, (IISER) TirupatiUnveiling Low Mass Stellar Regime In A Young Proto-Globular Cluster With Subaru Hyper Suprime-CamOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
50Girish KulkarniASI2020_195TIFRWhen did cosmic reionization happen?InvitedPlenary
51UdayKumar DasASI2020_196MANAS
52Suman SahaASI2020_199Indian Institute of AstrophysicsTransit photometry of extra-solar planetsOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
53A VIJAYAASI2020_202OSMANIA UNIVERSITYPhotometric and spectroscopic observations of few Beta Lyrae type binariesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
54ANUVAB BANERJEEASI2020_204SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOWAstrosat-Laxpc Analysis of Theta Class Data of GRS 1915+105PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
55Sriram Sri PadmanabanASI2020_206Engineer Indian Spectroscopic and Imaging Space Telescope ( INSIST ) -The future UV missionIPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
56Rohan Eugene LouisASI2020_208Udaipur Solar Observatory, PRLThe importance of the solar chromosphere - Recent insights from high resolution observationsInvitedSun and the Solar System
57Sriyasriti AcharyaASI2020_209Indian Institute of Technology, IndoreKink Instability: Its Impact on the Variability and Emission Features Observed in Blazar JetsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
58Vijayalakshmi PASI2020_211Madurai kamaraj universityComparison of coronal and interplanetary activities of geo-effective Halo CMEsPosterSun and the Solar System
59Manami RoyASI2020_213Raman Research InstituteCircumgalactic medium of Milky Way : Clues from highly ionizaed oxygen linesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
60Anupam BhardwajASI2020_214Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, ChinaExtragalactic distance scale with pulsating starsOralExtragalactic Astronomy
61Akash Kumar PatwaASI2020_216RRIThe 21-cm Signal Power Spectrum using Drift Scan: Correlation of Time-ordered VisibilitiesOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
62Gourav BanerjeeASI2020_218Research Scholar, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore
63Arun KenathASI2020_219Christ University Is the Binding Energy of Galaxies related to their Core Black Hole Mass?OralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
64Bikram PradhanASI2020_221Space science, Technologies and Astrophysics Research (STAR) Institute,Université de Liège, Institut d′Astrophysique et de Géophysique, Allée du 6 Aôut 19c, 4000 Liège, BelgiumSpace debris detection and characterization using the 4m International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT)PosterSun and the Solar System
65Louise RebeccaASI2020_222Christ UniversityPlanckian Pre Big Bang Phase of the universeOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
66Shilpi BhuniaASI2020_226Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, PuneA survey of the solar data from the Murchison Widefield ArrayPosterSun and the Solar System
67Manish ChauhanASI2020_227Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, ThiruvananthapuramJet-bearing YSOs in Vulpecula OB associationPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
68Smriti MahajanASI2020_228IISER MohaliRed spiral galaxies in GAMAOralExtragalactic Astronomy
69Prajwel JosephASI2020_229Christ UniversityStudy of the AGN jet influence on star formation in nearby galaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
70Vipin KumarASI2020_230Indian Institute of Space Science and TechnologyExamining star-formation in the southern HII region RCW42PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
71Suman BhattacharyyaASI2020_232CHRIST(Deemed to be University), Bengaluru - 560029Transition candidates from pre-main sequence to main sequence phasePosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
72MAMATHA RANI GADDAMASI2020_233Department of Astronomy Osmania UniversityPossible Third bodies in binary systems in M67 Open ClusterPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
73Souradip BhattacharyyaASI2020_234Presidency UniversityStationarity and Non-Linearity of Blazar VariabilityPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
74RAGHU PRASAD MASI2020_235OSMANIA UNIVERSITYA Comprehensive study of SdB+dM binary from MUCHFUSS projectPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
75Jyoti .ASI2020_236Indian Institute Of AstrophysicsUVIT study of star forming regions in spiral galaxies.PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
76Souvik MannaASI2020_237Research ScholarLow radio frequency spatially resolved studies of nearby galaxiesOralExtragalactic Astronomy
77Aritra ChakrabartyASI2020_238Indian Institute of AstrophysicsTransmission Spectra : Towards the Understanding of the Atmospheres of the ExoplanetsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
78Keerthana S NarayanASI2020_241Christ (Deemed to be University)Is the ratio of blue to red supergiants indicative of the metallicity of an open cluster ? PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
79Tanya DasASI2020_243Indian Institute of AstrophysicsUsing a stabilized Fabry-Perot etalon for determining instrumental artifacts in a spectrographOralInstrumentation and Techniques
80Prakriti Pal ChoudhuryASI2020_245Indian Institute of ScienceMultiphase gas in the circumgalactic mediumOralExtragalactic Astronomy
81Ravinder BanyalASI2020_248Indian Institute of AstrophysicsDesign and development of a tip-tilt instrument for 1.3 telescopeOralInstrumentation and Techniques
82Bibhuti Kumar JhaASI2020_251Indian Institute of AstrophysicsMagnetic field dependence of bipolar magnetic region tilts on the Sun: Evidence of tilt quenchingOralSun and the Solar System
83Soma MandalASI2020_252Government Girls' General Degree College, KolkataThe energy dependent r.m.s variability in 4U1608-52PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
84Ajay PotdarASI2020_253Indian Institute of Space Science and TechnologyProbing star-formation activity towards IR dust bubble S6PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
85Mohammad HasanASI2020_254Space Science Programme Office, ISRO Head QuartersTime evolution of interior magnetic field of neutron star through ambipolar diffusion- numerical study in one dimensionPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
86ADITYA PRIYADARSHIASI2020_256Indian Institute of Astrophysics, BangaloreSolar differential rotation as measured from century long Kodaikanal white light digitized dataPosterSun and the Solar System
87Debi Prasad ChoudharyASI2020_258California State University NorthridgeSpectrograph-based Dual-channel Solar Imaging SpectrometerOralInstrumentation and Techniques
88Priyanka BiradarASI2020_259StudentXRB Population In Dusty Early Type GalaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
89Devojyoti KansabanikASI2020_260National Center for Radio AstrophysicsInvestigation of eclipse mechanism for Black Widow Pulsar J1544+4937PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
90KRISHNA MOHANA AASI2020_261Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, MAHE, ManipalUnderstanding the dynamics of blazar 3C 66APosterExtragalactic Astronomy
91Nandish NanjappaASI2020_263EngineerFrameless motor arrangment in 4metre class telescope for smooth axis motionsPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
92Tarun BangiaASI2020_264ARIESMechanical Status of 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope at ARIESPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
93INDRANI PALASI2020_267INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS, BANGALORECoronal Temperature Variation in Active Galactic NucleiPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
94Priya HasanASI2020_272MANUU, HyderabadThe Velocity Dimension with Gaia DR2: Focus on the binary cluster $h$ + $\chi$ Persei PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
95Ananta PradhanASI2020_273National Institute of Technology RourkelaA catalogue of 108 extended planetary nebulae observed by GALEX.OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
96Mudasir RajaASI2020_274Research scholar
97Ranjan KumarASI2020_276National Institute of Technology, RourkelaStudy of Galactic Globular Clusters using UVIT ObservationsOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
98Jayanand MauryaASI2020_278ARIES, NainitalPhotometric and Kinematic study of the Galactic open cluster NGC 2360 using ground based and Gaia DR2 dataPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
99Hema AnilkumarASI2020_280CHRIST (Deemed to be University)Chandra X-ray Analysis of Herbig Ae/Be StarsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
100Smitha SubramanianASI2020_282Indian Institute of Astrophysics
101AVYARTHANA GHOSHASI2020_283IUCAADynamic Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere: Instrumentation and ObservationsOralThesis
102Kammadhanam Chenna ReddyASI2020_286Dept. of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad - 500 007Latitudinal asymmetry in vertical distribution of meteor decay time at North and South polesPosterSun and the Solar System
103Rukmini JagirdarASI2020_288Osmania UniversityPhotometric investigation of totally eclipsing contact binaries from ASAS, OGLE, HATNet, AST3 and TESS databasesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
104Yash BhargavaASI2020_289IUCAAShots of Cyg X-1OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
105Paul K TASI2020_290Christ University
106Alankar DuttaASI2020_291Indian Institute of ScienceFate of cold clouds in hot galactic outflowsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
107Nagaraju KrishnappaASI2020_293Indian Institute of AstrophysicsSunspot magnetometry in Hα and Ca II 854.2 nm spectral linesOralSun and the Solar System
108Kiren O VASI2020_296LecturerEvolution of Primordial Dark Matter Planets in Early UniversePosterGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
109SATABDWA MAJUMDARASI2020_297INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICSConnecting 3D Kinematics of slow and fast CMEs to their source regions: A preparatory study for the ADITYA L1 missionPosterSun and the Solar System
110Wageesh MishraASI2020_298Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Germany Modeling the Thermodynamic Evolution of Coronal Mass EjectionsOralSun and the Solar System
111Devendra OjhaASI2020_30Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
112Deepthi AyyagariASI2020_302IIT IndoreInvestigating Positional Accuracy during Intense Geomagnetic Storms using NavICPosterSun and the Solar System
113Sarvesh ManglaASI2020_303Indian Institute of Technology, IndoreStudy of ionospheric TEC gradients with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope at sub-GHz frequencies.PosterInstrumentation and Techniques
114Pandey Krishna KumarASI2020_304Bapu Intermediate College Sadat, Ghazipur, U.P.Longitudinal character of Gnevyshev gapPosterSun and the Solar System
115BRYAN RITHESH MIRANDAASI2020_306BANGALORE UNIVERSITYUV Continuum study of NGC 3516 a strongly variable SB0 Seyfert I galaxyPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
116Prasad SubramanianASI2020_307Tata Institute of Fundamental ResearchImaging convective flows using helioseismologyPosterSun and the Solar System
117Mayank NarangASI2020_308TIFRUnveiling the photospheres of protostars with GaiaPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
118Ashu KushwahaASI2020_309Indian institute of technology BombayInflationary magnetogenesis from Galileon complex scalar fieldPosterGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
119Nagamani PolojiASI2020_312Osmania universityDisk evolution of classical and pseudobulges in S0 galaxies in core of Coma ClusterPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
120Suvedha NaikASI2020_315Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Centre of ExcellenceThe Impact of Primordial Power Spectrum with Features on Cosmological 21 cm SignalOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
121Archana SangwanASI2020_316Indian Institute of Technology BombayPrimordial magnetic fields and B-mode polarization in CMBOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
122Vaishali SharanASI2020_317Indian Space Research OrganisationChandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X ray Spectrometer: Data processing algorithms and pipeline developmentPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
123Sanna GulatiASI2020_319Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Centre of Excellence, Manipal Academy of Higher EducationLong term behaviour of active galaxy NGC 1275 using multi-wavelength observationsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
124BAHEEJA CASI2020_320UNIVERSITY OF CALICUTInfra-red Central Intensity Ratio of Type 1 Active GalaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
125VINOD K TASI2020_321UNIVERSITY OF CALICUTThe Relationship between Central Intensity Ratio and host galaxy properties in nearby Seyfert GalaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
126Arpan GhoshASI2020_323Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational SciencesSpectro-photometric monitoring of FUor V960 Mon.PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
127Mithun N. P. S.ASI2020_324Physical Research Laboratory, AhmedabadX-ray Spectroscopy of the Sun with Chandrayaan-2 XSM: Initial Results and ProspectsOralSun and the Solar System
128Nagendra KumarASI2020_325Department of Physics, IISc, Bangalore-560012 A thermally driven wind in Keplerian disk - a hydrodynamic studyPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
129Abinash SahooASI2020_327NIT, RourkelaA model of interstellar radiation field in UVPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
130ARAVIND KASI2020_328Physical Research Laboratory, AhmedabadCONTRASTING BEHAVIOUR OF TWO JUPITER FAMILY COMETSOralSun and the Solar System
131Sana AhmedASI2020_330Physical Research LaboratoryA Multi-fluid Model to Study the Coma of a CometPosterSun and the Solar System
132KRISHAN CHANDASI2020_331ARIESPhotometric Reverberation Mapping of Low Luminosity AGNsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
133Bhupesh SaxenaASI2020_332Dr.An observation from 0.5m optical telescope of Varahmihir Astronomical Observatory, UjjainPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
134Debbijoy BhattacharyaASI2020_335Manipal Centre for Natural Science, Centre of Excellence, Manipal Academy of Higher EducationConstraining emission mechanism of active galaxies utilising observations from upcoming X-ray polarimeter POLIX onboard XPoSatPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
135Ananthamoorthy BASI2020_336Manipal Centre for Natural SciencesA first bright source list of UVIT onboard AstroSatPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
136Akriti SinhaASI2020_340Indian Institute of TechnologyMulti-wavelength Study of Radio Deep Field: ELAIS N1OralExtragalactic Astronomy
137Anusha RASI2020_341CHRIST (Deemed to be University)A search for pulsations in TESS Be starsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
138Surajit MondalASI2020_342National Centre for Radio AstrophysicsEvidence for impulsive heating in quiet sun?OralSun and the Solar System
139SOUVIK ROYASI2020_343Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI), IISER KolkataMagnetohydrodynamic Simulations of the Solar Forcing of Planetary MagnetospheresPosterSun and the Solar System
140Alaxender PanchalASI2020_344ARIES, NainitalMulti band photometry and analysis of three contact binariesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
141Koustav ChandraASI2020_345IIT BombaySearch Sensitivity of IMBHB systems in the gravitational wave windowOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
142Ritesh PatelASI2020_348Indian Institute of AstrophysicsCMEs Identification in Inner Solar Corona (CIISCO)OralSun and the Solar System
143SOUMYA SENGUPTAASI2020_35INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICSModelling and Characterization of Exoplanet AtmospherePosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
144Vikrant JadhavASI2020_354Indian institute of astrophysicsUVIT catalog of open clusters with machine learning based membership probabilityOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
145ANIRBAN DUTTAASI2020_355Indian Institute of AstrophysicsObservation of Carbon-rich Supernova SN 2017hpaOralExtragalactic Astronomy
147Ritaban ChatterjeeASI2020_357Presidency UniversityMulti-Band X-ray Variability of the Blazar Mrk 421 Using AstroSatOralExtragalactic Astronomy
148Kumar TSASI2020_359ARIESThe 3.6m DOT Control System: Maintenance and UpgradationPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
149Nirupam RoyASI2020_360Indian Institute of Science
150JOSEPH PJASI2020_361IIT BombayLow-energy modified gravity signatures on the large-scale structuresOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
151Shanti PrabhaASI2020_362Indian institute of astrophysicsDesign of precision pointing system for high altitude balloon payloadsPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
152Tuhin GhoshASI2020_363DAA, TIFREffects of Planetesimal Scattering on Non-Resonant Planet PairsOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
153Ayona AntonyASI2020_366 CHRIST (Deemed to be University)Investigating the Presence of Circumstellar Disks in Nearby Young Moving Group ObjectsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
154DHRIMADRI KHATAASI2020_367S N BOSE NATIONAL CENTRE FOR BASIC SCIENCESUnderstanding the physical properties and probing the stellar activity indicators of young M-dwarfs : NIR spectroscopic studies.PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
155Srikar TadepalliASI2020_369U R Rao Satellite CentreObservations of Particles in the Geotail by CLASS on Chandrayaan-2 indicate a Dynamic Space EnvironmentOralSun and the Solar System
156Jaikhomba SinghaASI2020_37Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeContinued monitoring of high glitch rate pulsars using uGMRT and ORTOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
157Raja Bayanna AnkalaASI2020_372PRL, Udaipur Solar ObservatoryAdaptive Optics System for Multi-Application Solar Telescope at Udaipur Solar ObservatoryOralInstrumentation and Techniques
158Bharti AroraASI2020_374ARIES, NainitalX-ray study of a deeply embedded Wolf-Rayet star WR 121aOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
159SOUMEN MONDALASI2020_375JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY KOLKATAStanding and Radiative Shocks in relativistic accretion flows around black holes.PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
160Sioree AnsarASI2020_376Indian Institute of AstrophysicsModeling Observations of Galaxy Halos with SimulationsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
161Rishin P VASI2020_377Raman Research InstituteCurrent status of POLIX, an X-ray Polarimeter on-board XPoSatInvitedInstrumentation and Techniques
162Rohit ChinchwadkarASI2020_38Govt. College of engineering, nagpurGSNST: A sky survey to search for transients using an array of robotic telescopesPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
163Ram Kesh YadavASI2020_380National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand Properties of an Embedded Cluster in the HII Region Sh2-228: Physical Environment and Star FormationPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
164PRACHI PRAJAPATIASI2020_381SCIENTIST/ENGINEER- SCInvestigating Particle Acceleration in the Wolf–Rayet Bubble G2.4+1.4OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
165Jasjeet BaglaASI2020_382IISER MohaliDark Energy Perturbations in Non-Linear CollapseInvitedGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
166Ramesh BalasubramanyamASI2020_385Raman Research Institute, BangaloreBuilding the RRI Efficient Linear-array ImagerOralInstrumentation and Techniques
167Prithish HalderASI2020_387Physical Research Laboratory, AhmedabadStudy of physical properties of cosmic dust from light scatteringOralThesis
168Ayan BhattacharjeeASI2020_388S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic SciencesCan the Spectral and Timing Properties of Black Holes and Neutron Stars be Explained by the TCAF Paradigm?PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
169Swarna ChatterjeeASI2020_389IIT IndoreDiffuse Emission in Merging Galaxy Clusters PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
170Vikas SoniASI2020_390Physical Research Laboratory (PRL)Study of the atmosphere of hot JupiterPosterSun and the Solar System
171Raghubar SinghASI2020_391Indian Institute of AstrophysicsSurvey of Li-rich giants among Kepler and LAMOST fieldsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
172Eswaraiah ChakaliASI2020_393National Astronomical Observatories of China (NAOC)Importance of magnetic fields in star formation – a multi-wavelength perspectiveOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
173Blesson MathewASI2020_397CHRIST (Deemed to be University)Higher mass accretion rates for Herbig Ae/Be stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud ?PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
174Eswar ReddyASI2020_398Indian institute of astrophysics
175Prateek GuptaASI2020_404Savitribai Phule Pune UniversityThe diffusive shock acceleration efficiency and magnetic field strength in radio relics, using numerical modeling and simulationOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
176KRISHNAPRAKASH NUNNAASI2020_405BITS-PILANI HYDERABAD CAMPUSStability analysis of a differentially rotating, hot, hypermassive Neutron Star merger remnantOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
177Suchetana ChatterjeeASI2020_406Presidency UniversityThe Co-Evolution of Supermassive Black Hole with Galaxies and Dark Matter in the UniverseInvitedExtragalactic Astronomy
178Alik PanjaASI2020_407S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic SciencesCensus of young stellar population in the Galactic H II region Sh2-242PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
179Raya DastidarASI2020_409Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES, Nainital, IndiaSN 2015an: a normal luminosity type II supernova with low expansion velocity at early phasesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
180Harvinder JassalASI2020_41IISER Mohali
181INDRENDRA SISODIYAASI2020_413INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, INDORECatalog Study of Radio Deep Field: ELAIS N1PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
182Rahul BandyopadhyayASI2020_414S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic SciencesMorphology and Ionization Characteristics of Planetary Nebulae PB 1 and PC 19 PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
183Sapna MishraASI2020_417Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES)Study of BAL trough variabilities in radio-aligned and radio-unaligned BALQSOsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
184Ashwani PandeyASI2020_419ARIES NainitalMultiwavelength Studies of TeV BlazarsOralThesis
185Tarun SouradeepASI2020_42IISER-PuneLIGO-India: a mega-science (ad)venture underwayInvitedGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
186Bhupendra kumar TiwariASI2020_420 A.P.S.University Rewa M.P. Study of Solar–Interplanetary causes and Their Impact on GCR Fluxes PosterSun and the Solar System
187Nandita SrivastavaASI2020_423Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research LaboratoryINterplanetary Flux ROpe Simulator (INFROS) for predicting the magnetic-field vectors of ICMEsOralSun and the Solar System
188Ashwin DevarajASI2020_424Indian Institute of Science/ Raman Research Institute
189Harsha Avinash TantiASI2020_425IIT Indore Development on an Instructional Radio Interferometer at IIT IndorePosterInstrumentation and Techniques
190Neeraj KumariASI2020_426Physical Research LaboratoryVariability and correlation study of Mrk 509 in UV/optical & X-rayPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
191Kiran KumarASI2020_428Bangalore UniversityStudy of pre-main sequence stars in low metallicity environments using VLT-MUSE IFU observationsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
192Divya PandeyASI2020_429National Institute of Technology, RourkelaMultiwavelength analysis of galaxies present in Bootes VoidPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
193Drisya KarinkuzhiASI2020_43Indian Institute of Science, BangaloreKey nucleosynthesis diagnostics in Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP)-r/s starsInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
194Suraj DhiwarASI2020_433Dayanand Science College, Latur Star-formation quenching and morphological transformation in L* ellipticals PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
195Anshuman BorgohainASI2020_438Tezpur UniversityExtended UV Disk in Blue Compact DwarfsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
196Stalin C SASI2020_442Indian Institute of AstrophysicsNarrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies: The current scenarioInvitedPlenary
197Prasanta NayakASI2020_443Tata institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, IndiaStudy of star cluster populations in the Magellanic CloudsOralThesis
198Prerana BiswasASI2020_444PhD student, Joint Astronomy Programme, IISc BangaloreKinematics of nearby spiral galaxies with different inclination angles using 21cm HI interferometric dataPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
199Sumana NandiASI2020_448NCRA-TIFR, PuneEpisodic radio sources with different jet axis orientationOralExtragalactic Astronomy
200Surajit PaulASI2020_451SP Pune UniversityFuture perspective on radio astronomy with low mass clusters: Discovery of diffuse radio emission in low mass cluster Abell 1697OralExtragalactic Astronomy
201Shubham BhagatASI2020_452Savitribai Phule Pune UniversityRadio study of 1WGAJ0521.0-1333 galaxy cluster using GMRT and VLAPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
202Ravindra BASI2020_455Indian Institute of AstrophysicsFormation of penumbra in Decaying sunspotPosterSun and the Solar System
203S.P. RajaguruASI2020_458Indian Institute of Astrophysics
204Manash SamalASI2020_46Physical Research Laboratory ( PRL ) Insights into the structure of Galactic molecular clouds and star formation within them with the study of bipolar HII regionsInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
205Ruchi PandeyASI2020_460S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic SciencesSpectral Modelling of a Dust Forming NovaPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
206Prabhu KesavanASI2020_461Indian institute of astrophysicsRecurrent halpha surges on the periphery of active region.PosterSun and the Solar System
207Athira B SASI2020_466CESSI, IISER KolkataSingle-shot Measurement of Space Varying Polarization State of Light via Quantification of Pancharatnam-Berry Geometric PhasePosterInstrumentation and Techniques
208Jayaram ChengalurASI2020_468NCRA-TIFREvolution of the gas content of galaxiesInvitedPlenary
209Manoj PuravankaraASI2020_47TIFR, MumbaiFrom protostars to planetary systems: an observational perspectiveInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
210Subhajit KarASI2020_471S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
211Soumya RoyASI2020_472Haldia Institute of Technology, HaldiaPeriodic Behaviour of 10.7 cm Solar Radio Flux during Solar Cycle 20 – 24 using Empirical Mode DecompositionPosterSun and the Solar System
212Bhoomika RajputASI2020_478Indian Institute of AstrophysicsCharacterization of the optical and GeV flux variability connection in the bright flat spectrum radio quasarsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
213MukeshKumar JaiswarASI2020_480Electronics Engineer at ARIES, NainitalDevelopment Activities for ARIES ILMT facilityPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
214Manjari BagchiASI2020_481The Institute of Mathematical SciencesThe most fascinating member of the compact object family: neutron stars as the celestial laboratoy to probe fundamental physicsInvitedPlenary
215Partha Pratim GoswamiASI2020_483Indian Institute of AstrophysicsMetal-poor stars and neutron-capture nucleosynthesisOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
216Avinash KumarASI2020_484RAD@home IndiaSpreading astronomy education through #RGBviaNASAnRADatHomeIndia and citizen science research through #DilSeDiscoveryPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
217Vishnu MadhuASI2020_487Indian Institute of AstrophysicsScience data pipeline development of VELC onboard ADITYA-L1PosterSun and the Solar System
218Asoke SenASI2020_489Assam UniversityThe interstellar comets and evolution of our solar systemInvitedSun and the Solar System
219Ashok Kumar SinghASI2020_492Sr. Engineering Associate at ARIESUpgradation of Operation console for 104 cm ARIES Sampurnanand TelescopePosterInstrumentation and Techniques
220Alok Ranjan TiwaryASI2020_499Jai Prakash University, ChapraMeasurement of Solar Magnetic Fields: Development of a Polarimeter for Multi-Application Solar TelescopeOralThesis
221Piyali SahaASI2020_500Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA)A census of young stellar population associated with the Herbig Be star HD 200775OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
222Surajit KalitaASI2020_503IISc, BangaloreContinuous gravitational wave from magnetized compact objectsOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
223Ranadeep SarkarASI2020_505Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research LaboratoryLorentz Force Evolution Reveals the Energy Build-up Processes during Recurrent Eruptive Solar FlaresPosterSun and the Solar System
224Raksha SASI2020_51CHRIST ( Deemed to be University)Characterization of young stars in nearby moving groupsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
225Madhuri SiriproluASI2020_512Indian Institute of ScienceOptimisation of Photoelectric Polarimeter for Medium Energy X-rays.OralInstrumentation and Techniques
226Sandhya JagannathanASI2020_513University of DelhiImpact of magnetic field on the gas mass fraction of galaxy clusters PosterExtragalactic Astronomy
227Shrish ShrishASI2020_515National Institute of Science Education and ResearchModeling geometrical and intensity distortions for WALOP polarimeter.PosterInstrumentation and Techniques
228Dipen SahuASI2020_516Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and AstrophysicsMillimeter astronomy; the role of ISM molecules in understanding the physics and chemistry of low mass star-forming regionsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
229M.P. Athulya MenonASI2020_518Dayanand Sagar UniversityX-ray class variabilities in Galactic Black Hole binariesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
230Neal EvansASI2020_52University of Texas at AustinThe Central Problem of Star Formation: Why So Slow?InvitedSpecial Session
231Vivek Kumar AgrawalASI2020_520Space Astronomy Group, URSC, ISRO, BangaloreAstroSat View of Neutron Star Low-mass X-ray BinariesOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
232Sankarasubramanian KasiviswanathanASI2020_521U R Rao Satellite CentreSolar Coronal Magnetic Field Measurements on Active RegionsPosterSun and the Solar System
233Unnati KashyapASI2020_523IIT IndoreBroadband Spectro-timing Analysis of Neutron Star LMXB 4U 1724-30 Using Astrosat.PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
234Krishna ReddyASI2020_524Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES)A full-stokes spectro-polarimeter for 3.6-m Devasthal Optical Telescope PosterInstrumentation and Techniques
235Divya OberoiASI2020_528NCRA-TIFRSolar metrewave radio astronomy: Entering a new regimeInvitedSun and the Solar System
236Vishwangi ShahASI2020_529Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani - Hyderabad CampusA study of nucleosynthesis of heavy elements in neutron star mergers using SkyNet nuclear reaction libraryPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
237Surhud MoreASI2020_53IUCAACosmological constraints from weak lensing surveysInvitedPlenary
238Sreelakshmi P. ChakyarASI2020_530IIST, ThiruvananthapuramThe Effect of Viewing Angle in Gamma Ray Burst PropertiesOralExtragalactic Astronomy
239GANESH NASI2020_531IISER TirupatiStar formation in Super thin galaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
240Vikas Jadhav YASI2020_532StudentSpecific Angular Momentum of Superthin galaxiesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
241Ramadevi M CASI2020_536URSC, ISRO
242Abhishek Kumar SrivastavaASI2020_540Indian Institute of Technology (BHU)
243RUBINUR KHATUNASI2020_545NCRAA multi-wavelength study of a Dual Nuclei Galaxy Merger SystemOralExtragalactic Astronomy
245Gireesh GVSASI2020_547Indian Institute of Astrophysics, BengaluruA low cost set-up for radio observations of the solar chromospherePosterInstrumentation and Techniques
246Chayan MondalASI2020_548Indian Institute of AstrophysicsTracing young star forming clumps in the nearby flocculent spiral galaxy NGC 7793 with UVITPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
247SRIADIBHATLA KIRANMAIASI2020_549U.R.Rao Satellite centre, Bengaluru.Broadband X-ray view of 2019 outburst of MAXI J1348-630: MAXI, Swift, NuSTAR and AstroSat resultsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
248Anupama G.C.ASI2020_550Indian Institute of Astrophysics
249Syed Najamul HasanASI2020_553MANUU, HyderabadMass Segregation in the Gaia eraPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
250Preeti KharbASI2020_554NCRA-TIFRThe Ubiquity of Radio Jets in Radio-Quiet AGNInvitedExtragalactic Astronomy
251Jessy JoseASI2020_555IISER TirupatiYoungest, free-floating planetary mass objects in the solar neighbourhoodInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
252Vivek MASI2020_557IIA BangaloreQuasar outflows in the SDSSOralExtragalactic Astronomy
253SAMIR MANDALASI2020_558INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SPACE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYStudy of black hole X-ray transients to understand accretion dynamicsOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
254Prashanth kumar KasarlaASI2020_559Physical Research Laboratory PRL's 50cm telescope: Old wine in a new bottle!PosterInstrumentation and Techniques
255Yogesh WadadekarASI2020_560NCRA-TIFRSome novel applications of deep learning to astronomical problemsPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
256Abhishek PaswanASI2020_561IUCAASpectro-photometric Studies of Star-forming GalaxiesOralThesis
257Sajal GuptaASI2020_562Indian Institute Of Science Education and Research kolkataBounds on graviton mass from galaxy clustersPosterGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
258Rohin Kumar YeluripatiASI2020_565Department of Physics & Astrophysics, University of DelhiAccelerating HPC/ML Applications with FPGAs using High Level SynthesisPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
259Arunima BanerjeeASI2020_567IISER Tirupati
260Mousumi DasASI2020_568Indian Institute of AstrophysicsThe Dynamical Mass Distribution in Galaxy Disks and its Implications for Outer Disk Star FormationInvitedExtragalactic Astronomy
261Saurabh SaurabhASI2020_57ARIES, NainitalStatus of 3.6m DOT and ARIES back-end instrumentsInvitedInstrumentation and Techniques
262Sreejith PadinhatteeriASI2020_571IUCAA, Pune
263Dipankar BanerjeeASI2020_572Indian Institute of Astrophysics, BangaloreStatus update on Aditya-L1 and NLSTInvitedInstrumentation and Techniques
264Nikku MadhusudhanASI2020_574University of CambridgeExoplanetary Spectroscopy and Chemical Constraints on Planetary FormationInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
265Kuljeet MarhasASI2020_576Physical Research LaboratorySuperflares from the primeval Sun InvitedSun and the Solar System
266Saraswathi Kalyani SubramanianASI2020_577Indian Institute of Astrophysics
267Prateek SharmaASI2020_579Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, BangaloreAGN feedback and cooling and heating cycles in massive halosInvitedPlenary
268P SreekumarASI2020_580ISROIndia's expanding lunar exploration programSpecial Session
269Santosh VadawaleASI2020_585Physical Research LaboratoryDAKSHA – On alert for high-energy transientsInvitedSpecial Session
270Ashmita TribediASI2020_589Executive Committee Member, Gokhale Memorial Girls' School, Kolkata
271Indrajit BarveASI2020_590Indian Institute of Astrophysics
272Sahyadri KrishnaASI2020_608Student of IISER Tirupati
273Amitesh OmarASI2020_61ARIES, NainitalExtreme star formation in early-type galaxiesInvitedExtragalactic Astronomy
274Sreeja KarthaASI2020_615Assistant Professor
275Annapurni SubramaniamASI2020_62Indian Institute of Astrophysics Indian Spectroscopic and Imaging Space Telescope: INSISTInvitedSpecial Session
276Debades BandyopadhyayASI2020_620Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata
277Sujan SenguptaASI2020_626Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore
278Dipanjan MukherjeeASI2020_631IUCAA
279Seetha SASI2020_634Raman Research InstituteAstroSat operations and a few recent resultsInvitedInstrumentation and Techniques
280Khushboo Kunwar RaoASI2020_64Birla Institute of Technology & Science PilaniBlue Straggler Stars in Open ClustersPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
281Nobleson KASI2020_641Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences - HyderabadNeutron star models in f(R) gravity with realistic EoSOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
282Somak RaychaudhuryASI2020_642IUCAA
283Kanak SahaASI2020_643IUCAA
284Indulekha KavilaASI2020_644Mahatma Gandhi University
285Dhruba SaikiaASI2020_646Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and AstrophysicsHI 21 cm absorption towards radio AGNs of different accretion modesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
286Satish SonkambleASI2020_65NCRA - TIFR, PuneDetailed study of RXCJ0352.9+1941 cluster using {\it Chandra} and GMRT observationsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
287Yashwant GuptaASI2020_651NCRA -- TIFR
288Ajit KembhaviASI2020_652IUCAA, Pune
289Pavan Kumar PerepuASI2020_654IISER Tirupati
290Ashish MahabalASI2020_656Caltech
291Koushal VadodariyaASI2020_657U R Rao Satellite Centre
292Sridharan RengaswamyASI2020_659IIA
293Shibu MathewASI2020_660Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory
294Khalak MahadeviyaASI2020_661Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Thiruvananthapuram
296Aniket SuleASI2020_667HBCSE (TIFR), Mumbai
297Chandreyee MaitraASI2020_68Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial PhysicsAstroSat view of cyclotron lines in accretion powered pulsarsInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
298Md MahmudunnobeASI2020_687Minerva Schools at KGI
300Aru BeriASI2020_69IISER MohaliX-ray Binaries as observed with AstroSatInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
301Silpa SasikumarASI2020_70NCRA-TIFRUnderstanding radio outflows in radio-quiet quasarsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
302Kshitij BaneASI2020_71Indian Institute of AstrophysicsDevelopment of radio antenna array and receiver system for observations of Pulsars at Low Radio FrequenciesPosterInstrumentation and Techniques
303Sruthi KASI2020_72University of CalicutQUENCHING OF STAR FORMATION IN FIELD EARLY TYPE GALAXIESOralExtragalactic Astronomy
304Bhuvana GRASI2020_74Dayananda Sagar UniversitySpectral and timing analysis of LMC X-1 using AstroSatOralExtragalactic Astronomy
305Swati GavasASI2020_76IISER MohaliNon-universality of halo mass function using power-law modelPosterGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
306Bhavana DASI2020_79Indian Institute of Space science and Technology Identification of brown dwarf candidates through photometric techniquesPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
307Sonali SachdevaASI2020_80Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking UniversityDistinct evolutionary routes of disc galaxies hosting different bulge typesPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
308Anusree K GASI2020_81Mahatma Gandhi University, KeralaDetection of Hard X-ray pulsation from Gamma-Ray Pulsars with the CZTI on board AstroSat OralStars, ISM and Galaxy
309Susmitha Rani AntonyASI2020_82Tata Institute of fundamental research, MumbaiChemical evolution in the early Universe- a probe using Zn-S abundance in EMP starsOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
310Zahoor MalikASI2020_83University of KashmirEstimation of Extragalactic Background Light through Very High Energy Gamma-ray opacity of BlazarsPosterExtragalactic Astronomy
311Nand Kumar ChakradhariASI2020_84Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, RaipurA glimpse of Thermonuclear SupernovaeInvitedExtragalactic Astronomy
312Karthik RajeevASI2020_85IUCAA, PUNEGeneralized Schwinger effect and particle production in an expanding universeOralGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
313Sarita VigASI2020_86IIST
314MANIKA SINGLAASI2020_87INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICSCharacterization of the atmospheres of terrestrial exoplanetsOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
315RAJALAKSHMI T RASI2020_88MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY KERALASpectral Study of the X ray Point Sources in NGC 5813OralExtragalactic Astronomy
316ROSE MARIA MATHEWASI2020_89Mahatma Gandhi University, KeralaProbing the Physical Conditions of 6.7 GHz Methanol Maser HostsPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
317Projjwal BanerjeeASI2020_90Indian Institute of Technology PalakkadNew \textsl{s}-process Site in Rapidly Rotating Metal-Poor Massive StarsInvitedStars, ISM and Galaxy
318Mudit SrivastavaASI2020_94Physical Research LaboratoryDesign and Development of Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (FOSC) Instruments for PRL Telescopes InvitedInstrumentation and Techniques
319Chaitra A NarayanASI2020_95NCRA, PuneCorrugations in dust lanes of edge-on disk galaxiesOralExtragalactic Astronomy
320SUDESHNA PATRAASI2020_97Ph.D Student, IISER TirupatiA new-insight to the star-formation in Outer Milky WayPosterStars, ISM and Galaxy
321Geeta RangwalASI2020_98kumaun UniversityDynamics of open star clustersOralStars, ISM and Galaxy
322Harmeen KaurASI2020_99Kumaun University NainitalTHE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF YOUNG OPEN CLUSTER WAT 01PosterStars, ISM and Galaxy